Jobs of the Future: What can we expect in years to come?

Genetic Counsellors, Space Junk Recyclers and Drone Managers. It’s safe to say that these aren’t jobs that we see advertised on job board sites today and, most likely, not jobs that many of us have even heard of before. 

But this is all expected to change. 

RS Components has created a graphic that reveals the careers that the up-and-coming generations should expect to see – and perhaps even have for themselves – throughout their lifetimes. 

Whilst we shouldn’t expect to see jobs of today simply disappearing, we can expect them to be redefined and adapt to the society of the future as well as see brand new ones appear. It’s no secret that a number of jobs could be at risk of becoming automated and, consequently, ‘taken by robots’, but many jobs will still require a human element – humans can relate to emotions, behaviours and attitudes better than artificial intelligence (AI) can. Plus, robots may take jobs away, but they’ll also be able to create new ones in turn.

So what jobs can we expect from the future, and what will they involve?


Space Tourism Guide

Forget being a tourist guide in Spain or a Greek Island – in the future, the hotspot is going to be space. Virgin Galactic, a spaceflight company within the Virgin Group, is working to create a commercial spacecraft to give space tourists a whole new meaning to a holiday – and, of course, they’ll need tour guides.


AI Personality Writer

Interested in a career that involves writing? Well, in the future, you could find yourself as a personality writer creating realistic character profiles for AI machines and crafting the system’s intelligent responses.


Social Media Lawyer

With 5.8 million cybercrimes happening a year, it’s not surprising that this job will be in popular demand in years to come. When it comes to social media, Facebook and Twitter see numerous incidents reported every 45 minutes – and this is only expected to increase – which will mean these lawyers will be very busy people!


Genetic Counsellor – these counsellors will be trained to coach and consult someone through their life depending on their age, wellness, and overall health; including if they are likely to get a certain disease.


Virtual Identity Defender – advancements in AI could lead to people creating convincing fake video and audio tapes, putting data at risk. Therefore, in the future, there will be a need for this role where you will use digital watermarks that can be authenticated and can prove the truth.


Climate Change Reversal Specialist 

A new breed of engineer-scientists will emerge with the ability to rebuild ecosystems around the planet, such as rainforests and ocean beds, as global warming devastates vulnerable landscapes around the world. Whilst climate change specialists exist currently, informing businesses on how to adapt and change to help the planet, this future role will be heavily focused on recovering some of the damage that has been done. 



Genetically engineered food is a divisive topic and is a debate centered around climate change, sustainability and food security. Whilst some fear the future of food production, the agriculture industry is strained and it’s very likely that genetically engineered crops will become the norm.  Farmers will use technology to carefully raise engineered crops but that’s not all, the future of farming is also set to become vertical as creating these spaces in urban areas will help boost food supply.

What job do you see yourself doing in the future? Take a look at the graphic to see what career options could be available to you in just a matter of years.