Fleet Vision International 2024: Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in the Fleet Industry

On April 11, 2024, fleet professionals gathered at Guildhall, London, for the prestigious Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW. The event brought together industry experts to discuss the evolving landscape, challenges, and technological advancements within the fleet sector. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with both internal and external exhibitors showcasing their latest vehicles, products, and services.


Insights from Industry Experts

Jenny Cook, Chief People Officer at NRG Riverside, concluded the day’s conference with a compelling talk titled “Wellbeing that Works.” She shared NRG Riverside’s journey toward mental health awareness, emphasising the significance of open communication and creating a safe space for employees to share their concerns. Her practical advice on supporting employee wellbeing resonated deeply with the audience.


Celebrating Excellence at the Fleet Vision Awards

The Fleet Vision International Awards, hosted by the City of London, recognises and celebrates best practices in the fleet industry globally. This year’s event was particularly notable, with NRG Riverside sponsoring the evening meal and awards ceremony. The proceedings were inaugurated by Neil Beck MBE, a World Cup-winning rugby player, who shared intimate insights into his illustrious career.

Held at the majestic Banking Hall, the Fleet Vision International Gala Dinner & Industry Awards shone a spotlight on excellence across both the private and public sectors. Liz Hardman, Senior Service Manager for NRG Riverside, was awarded the prestigious ‘Young Industry Champion’ trophy. In her heartfelt acceptance speech, she expressed her deep appreciation for the recognition and reaffirmed her commitment to contributing positively to the industry.


Inspirational Leaders and Future Stars

Liz Hardman’s victory was met with a standing ovation from Russell Markstein, Chief Commercial Officer at NRG Riverside. He praised her as a deserving winner and an exceptional industry professional, wishing her a prosperous future. “We are incredibly proud of Liz and all the winners from the evening,” he remarked.


Recognising Sustainability and Personality

The awards also honoured other notable achievements. Direct Tyre Management was recognised for having the Most Sustainable Fleet Management Department, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility. Gareth Jones from Speedy Hire received the Industry Personality of the Year award, highlighting his significant contributions and charismatic presence in the fleet sector.


The Future of Fleet Management

The Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW and Awards underscore the fleet industry’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability. By bringing together industry leaders, professionals, and innovators, the event fosters a collaborative environment where best practices and new technologies are shared and celebrated.

The 2024 Fleet Vision International event was a resounding success, highlighting the achievements and advancements within the fleet industry. From insightful talks on employee wellbeing to celebrating industry excellence, the event showcased the dynamic and evolving nature of the fleet sector. As the industry continues to advance, events like Fleet Vision International play a crucial role in driving progress and recognising outstanding contributions.

Fleet professionals and organisations are already looking forward to next year’s event, eager to continue the tradition of excellence and innovation that Fleet Vision International represents.