Charity calls on local businesses to help IT Funding for North wales children

The Neumark Foundation, based in Tremeirchion, Denbighshire, are looking for funding partners to urgently provide I.T devices for year 10 and 11 pupils who don’t have them  in North Wales.

The CEO of the Foundation, Rebecca Prytherch, said: “ We are currently working with six local authorities to provide machines for our “Making IT happen” initiative so far have purchased 340 Chromebook devices for pupils in Flintshire and Wrexham schools, but we need to order hundreds more devices for  Year 10 and 11 pupils who don’t have access to enable them to undertake their home schooling as a result of the current Covid-19 lockdown.”

She added: “ We urgently require additional funding partners to make this happen. I and my funding Manager Phillipa Davies are already liaising with two local authorities, but requests are flooding in from the four other local authorities who urgently need help.”

The Neumark Family, Peter and Maria Neumark, with daughter and CEO Rebecca, set up the “Making I.T. Happen” initiative three days ago, in an effort to help schools and local authorities who have received some help from Government, but not enough.

Peter Neumark said: “It is critical that as much as possible we support the provision of technology as quickly as we can where there are gaps, to prevent these young people from falling behind at what is already such a difficult and stressful time for them.

“We hope that by providing  the necessary technology, we will enable  essential online home learning, and reduce anxiety levels by  supporting communication with their teachers, as well as their classroom peers.”

He added: “ We would urge any businesses and organisations who would like to support this urgent need to get in touch, so that we can coordinate with the local authorities and schools in North Wales, by ordering and distributing devices as quickly as possible to where they are needed most”