Decontamination experts warn businesses may not be doing enough to prevent spread of COVID-19

As many employees across the United Kingdom return to their places of work, emergency hygiene and cleaning experts at Ideal Response are warning businesses that they may not be doing enough to prevent a second wave of coronavirus.
Ideal Response claims that the traditional cleaning methods favoured by many businesses across the UK might not prevent the spread of coronavirus. They state that while routine cleaning helps to ensure premises look and smell clean it won’t be able to combat COVID-19.
While many businesses may have taken extra precautions to reduce touch points, minimise staff numbers and ensure workers are socially distanced, coronavirus may still be able to spread without a regular deep cleaning regime, experts warn.
Adam Bourgeois, Operations Manager at Ideal Response, said: “Routine cleaning, which requires only basic supplies and equipment, such as mops, dusters, vacuum cleaners and disinfectant wipes and fluids, plays an important role in keeping your premises clean and fresh.”
“However, deep cleaning is a more rigorous, in-depth process. It involves thoroughly cleaning all items within a given area, including under and behind equipment and furniture. This task is more strenuous and time-consuming than routine cleaning, but it typically doesn’t need to be done as often.”
Ideal Response’s experts are also warning businesses that even deep cleaning may not be enough if you suspect that your business has been exposed to coronavirus.
Adam Bourgeois continued: “If you know or suspect that your premises have been exposed to contaminants such as COVID-19, you should arrange for a special decontamination cleaning service.”
“The virus requires more than just manual cleaning and PPE; it is best fought with state of the art electrostatic spraying equipment and ISO accredited solutions.”
Ideal Response has created an infographic showing the various levels and types of cleaning, from basic traditional techniques to highly specialised services.
Ideal Response offers a range of specialist hygiene solutions to businesses across the UK. Their clients include KFC, Costa and Berkley Homes.