How HR Teams Can Navigate Remote Working for the First Time

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing millions of businesses to close their doors across the world, and many offices to dabble with remote working for the first time, this is an age of profound change to working habits. Those companies that were already set up for streamlined remote working have been able to continue almost as normal, where others have struggled to adapt to the changes brought about by working from home. Below, you’ll learn how HR teams can adapt to this ‘new normal’ of working for the very first time.

Centralised System

HR teams rely on communications to be able to do their jobs properly. They need to run a payroll system to be sure that employees are granted the correct wage, and they need to know who is working, where, and when in order to do this. HR is also responsible for employee welfare and internal communications – and these are best managed by a centralised system.

All of the best innovations for a HR system in recent years have taken place on the cloud, which is by its nature both decentralised and accessible through a central hub from your HR managers. These are the perfect mechanisms through which you can communicate across space while employees are working from home during and after the pandemic of 2020.

Smart Communications

With more and more communications taking place online, and your employees increasingly inundated with messages from colleagues and clients, it’s important for your internal messaging to be able to cut through to all of your team without being left in an inbox unread. In this sense, you need to communicate smart – so that each message you need your workers to see is indeed read.

One of the ways to do this is to bring up important emails and information notices over voice messages or in online calls, which will draw your staff’s attention to particular messaging. You should also mark your emails important so that they’re harder to ignore in inboxes. Finally, make sure you have the personal number of all of your staff, so that you’re able to get in touch with them while they’re working from home.

Find Resources

There are several resources available on the internet that can help HR teams during this unpredictable and difficult time. Whether you’re struggling to do your work accurately, or you’re wondering if there are any apps and programmes that can be particularly helpful for HR teams, you’re going to find many of the world’s leaders in HR sharing tips and resources that’ll be of direct benefit to your business.

As such, take a moment each week to browse the web in search of these tools and tips – many of them free to access, and coming from industry experts – so that you’re able to take advantage of those innovations that promise to help your business in this strange period of remote working. Remember that HR teams are there to support staff, and this is an important time for staff support, with many facing problems while working from home.

Use these three tips to prepare your HR team for further working from home in this strange and unpredictable year.