The Benefits of Commercial & Employment Law Retainers

When it comes to legal matters, should you just wait until a crisis emerges or build a relationship with a regular retainer.  For many, a retainer is a good option, allowing you to have  specialist advice on hand for a wide range of Commercial and Employment Law matters.

Standard Legal Retainer Packages

No matter what the issue, a retainer affords you a team of specialist commercial and employment lawyers, such as Tinsdills Solicitors to assist with all your business and employment needs.

Pricing and package structure for retainer can be adapted to suit your individual business needs. Some retainer packages will even come with a fixed monthly fee based on likely hours required. Advice covered under retainers can vary based on your business requirements but may include:

  • Advice by telephone, email or in-person
  • Debt Collection
  • GDPR
  • Grievance & disciplinary matters
  • HR matters
  • Performance Management
  • Redundancy
  • Review of employee handbook
  • Review of employment contracts
  • Review of general trade & supply agreements
  • Review of terms & conditions
  • Settlement agreements
  • Sickness absence
  • TUPE

Commercial & Employment Law retainers are a cost-effective way to manage your legal outlay, whilst providing you with peace of mind in the knowledge that you are receiving the top legal guidance for your business.

Benefits Of Commercial And Employment Law Retainers

Delivering solid legal advice with regular updates, taking out one of these retainers will give you easy access to a team of expert legal advisers, often for a fee that suits your budget. With some retainers, you may even be able to spread the cost over the duration of the retainer period.

Whether it’s an issue with your terms & conditions, a query about your supply contracts, or a dispute with an employee, you will have solutions at hand. With a solicitor there who you can telephone or email, or even speak to face to face electronically, you can navigate your legal issues more quickly and effectively.

Nothing says you mean business more than having a dedicated legal team at your disposal, available at short notice to take you through the legal minefield.

Here’s a brief overview of those vital core benefits to Commercial & Employment Law retainers:

  • A guarantee of experienced, trusted advisers at the end of the telephone whenever you call.
  • Price certainty with respect to your legal spending. Knowing what the best legal guidance is costing you each month will only benefit your business.
  • Costs can be spread over the duration of the retainer, whether it is annual or some other arrangement.
  • Quick access to honest expert advice on a regular basis.
  • The formation of an on-going hassle-free legal relationship.

Having a legal retainer under your belt for Commercial & Employment Law matters will only further solidify the standing of any business. This is true under normal circumstances, and even more so in uncertain times.

For the best legal guidance whenever it’s needed, and the peace of mind that comes with it, consider a retainer package today.