Will Public Sector Jobs See a Rise in Applications Post-Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, the already drowning economy suffers further, and this only means one thing for most people- unemployment. According to recent statistics, businesses and government offices are downsizing as they cut costs. Nobody is sure how long the pandemic will last, but before the curtain drops, the number of unemployed people may rise.

But, will the public sector see a rise in applications once all this is over? The short answer; yes.

The temporary closure of businesses will breed a need for additional staffing once the spread of the coronavirus is contained or a cure discovered. Experts anticipate a hiring boom by government offices, or what’s commonly known as the public sector.

Increased hiring vs. hiring temporary hold

According to job searching site Glassdoor, it’s understandable that some industries have halted hiring, such as the traveling industry. However, biochemical and pharmaceutical, nonprofits, and health care sectors have increased job listings.

The additional staff will help those affected by the pandemic and help expedite the discovery of the cure and vaccine. While people in these industries are looking out for new opportunities, other sectors must wait for the pandemic to end to see a surge in hiring.

How to prepare for a hiring boom

  1. Switch careers

Statistics show that 85 percent of people hate their jobs. If you’ve been considering switching, this may be the best time to make that move. Research and find out what you need to make a successful switch then map-out a plan of how you will execute the switch. For instance, if you want to join the education sector, you need to study a PGDE Scotland certificate for a year. A PGDE will not only get you into a classroom but also pave the way for a Master’s if you decide to go that route. Life is too short to be stuck in a career you hate.

  1. Learn a new skill

Whether you are newly employed, or you’ve been in the field for a while, you know the importance of learning continuously. A new skill could be the difference between getting a job and tarmacking, even with a hiring boom.  You can learn a foreign language or enroll for those accounting classes you’ve been postponing.

  1. Look out for opportunities

With so many jobs expected, it may get confusing on which roles to apply for and which ones to leave. Have something specific in mind and keep your ears on the ground for opportunities in that area. Ensure you have the qualifications and experience required to bag that job successfully.

Just because there is an expected rise in hiring in the public sector does not mean you will get a job. You must prepare yourself accordingly and ensure you have what it takes to perform the job. Being hired is easy, but keeping a job requires skills. As you prepare for the expected hiring boom, stay safe, wash your hands regularly, and observe social distancing.