Revealed: The Podcasts People Are Listening to Whilst Working From Home

Many of us are currently adjusting to working from home, however, with as with any adjustment, it may take time for this to come naturally.

However, research commercial finance experts, ABC Finance, has uncovered that a quarter (25%) of Brits will listen to podcasts whilst working from home. This should come as no surprise – not only can a podcast help you destress and distract yourself from background noise but hearing another person’s voice, even if its recorded, will keep you company in a time where we all need it.

What’s more, ABC Finance’s research has revealed that since the beginning of March, the number of Google searches for ‘podcasts for work’ has increased by 90% – suggesting that the number of people listening for productivity, is only on the rise.

But bet you’re wondering what podcasts us Brits are listening to? Well, after analysing Spotify’s ‘Podcast Charts’ – which highlights the current top 50 popular podcasts – ABC Finance uncovered that 30% (15) of these podcasts are comedy shows. Not only does this suggest that Brits are wanting some relief from the current news but that comedy shows may have replaced the office banter that we’re normally used to. So, if you’re feeling inspired to listen to the top comedy podcasts, you should check out the current favourites – Off Menu With Ed Gamble and James Acaster, The Receipts or JaackMaate’s Happy Hour.

Surprisingly, the second most popular type of podcast are ‘educational’ accounting for 20% (10) of the current most-played podcasts. This suggests that despite the current situation, people still want to be educated on the matter – which explains why the podcast ‘The Coronavirus Newscast’ is currently 27th in the charts.

However, if you’re on the lookout for other educational podcasts, the most popular include No Such Thing as a Fish, Today in Focus, Stuff You Should Know and TED Talks Daily.

So, remember that when working from home, it’s still important to slow down, take a deep breath and consider plugging into a podcast. Not only will it help you stay motivated but it will help lower your stress levels.