Corona Crisis – It’s time for Plan B – How your business can survive and thrive Covid-19

If you are a CEO or HRD wanting your business to survive and thrive the Corona Crisis then join our CEO / HRD community now and learn from experts and each other.
Due to massive demand and great feedback from our earlier events we are now running weekly “Corona Crisis – It’s time for Plan B – How your business can survive and thrive Covid-19” webinars at 11:30 GMT every Thursday morning. This is to allow CEOs and HRDs to join us from Eurasia, Africa and America.
These Corona Crisis webinars are NOT about hand washing. They are about business survival and taking actions now to secure an even better future by doing things that your competitors are NOT doing. You will…
  • Hear and discuss the latest impacts of Corona.
  • Discover emerging best practices and mistakes that other businesses are making so that you can learn from them.
  • Understand the critical mindsets, questions and actions that you should be taking within your business.
  • Realise why you must take personal responsibility to develop a new Plan B before your competitors, so that you survive and thrive this crisis and emerge even stronger when it is over.
“I have been shocked at how so many, even well known companies, are making basic mistakes because they have not adopted the right mindset and are not having the right discussions. And the trouble is unless they wake up and smell the real Corona issues soon, they may not survive long term, even if they do get through the short term crisis.”  
Peter Ryding
Peter Ryding is an award winning serial turnaround CEO who has generated over £1 Billion pounds shareholder value in FTSE 100, Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. He has bought and sold companies in his own right and whilst working at 3i and was voted top coach to CEOs in the UK. He is an experienced Chair and NXD and is currently advising companies on the Corona Crisis and the critical importance of developing and delivering a Plan B!
Now is the time for real leaders to rise to the challenge and to inspire their people to do the same.
If you are a CEO or HRD join us at 11:30 GMT every Thursday.