Perkbox releases its ‘20 Female Forces of 2020’ list to celebrate International Women’s Day

Today, Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, is releasing its list of “20 Female Forces of 2020” to celebrate International Women’s Day this Sunday. The list recognises women across a wide variety of industries including Fintech, Business and Hospitality from businesses including Starling, Wasabi and Caffe Nero.

These women all belong to the Perkbox Community, meaning they are all customers selected from one of the three markets Perkbox currently operates in – The UK, France and Australia. They have been chosen for the impact they have had on their workplaces, and for how they are inspiring the next generation of leaders to do the same.

There’s something we can all take from their insight and apply to our own lives – no matter your gender, industry or chosen career.

Perkbox’s 20 Female Forces of 2020 




Cheraine Ncube

Director of Human Resources, Sea Containers Hotel

Passion is my why! I love what I do and that’s why it’s not a juggling act – it happens seamlessly.

Amanda Le Gros

Head of Marketing, CV-Library

Work-life balance is incredibly important to me and I encourage my team to really value it as well.

Laureen McHaffie

Head of Human Resources, Phyllis Court Members Club

I aspire to be a role model to not just other women in the workplace but to all those I interact with through my job and life in general.

Rachel Kay

Head of HR, Ward Security

Don’t let society or others around you dictate what you should be, or should do. You do you and ensure you’re happy!

Catherine Allen

Head of Keeping People Happy, Ella’s Kitchen

Work hard, nurture relationships and partnerships in and outside work, and be kind to people.

Andi Hirons

People Director, Brighton Grand Hotel

I truly believe that, to be your most present and impactful self at work, you have to manage your time well

Samantha Robertson

Head of HR, Seafolly

My ‘why’ is to help people appreciate themselves and each other, inside and outside of work.

Susie Campbell

Founder, Hullabaloo PR

Happiness impacts every aspect of life, your work performance and the effectiveness of your team.

Paulina Harvey

Hr Manager, Sahara

It is very important to have role models, and I am and will be forever grateful to mine.

Marie Aitken

Chief People Officer, SunLife

Why we chose Marie: Marie is driven into building an inclusive culture for the employees of SunLife

Beverley Budd

Head of HR, Wasabi

Believe in yourself, take people with you and coach and develop others.

Mariam Ogunbambi

Head of Card Operations, Starling Bank

I would advise the next generation of female leaders to take risks, work hard and own their success.

Heather Brooks

Office Manager, iZettle

Why we chose Heather: Heather has the envious ability of being able to stay on top of all the plates she has spinning and still be an inspiration to her colleagues.

Lianne Baker

Group Human Resources Manager, O’Neill & Brennan

Speak up for what you want, be honest about what you need and make sure that people really see you.

Berengere Lambert

Secretary General, Des Notaires Associés

My journey, like many other people’s, has not been a straight path. In fact, this is what has made it more fulfilling.

Kirsty Love

Head of Childcare, Operations at Sunhill Daycare

Why we chose Kirsty: Kirsty is a pioneer of giving access to benefits and wellbeing tools to staff, launching both at Sunhill Daycare.

Stacy Schapira

UK People Director, Caffé Nero

Females are equipped with unique skills such as high levels of intuition and emotional intelligence – we shouldn’t try to suppress those to fit in in the boardroom.

Karen Beaven

Human Resources Director, Strategist and Author, The Mark Allen Group

Find ways to do work that sets your soul on fire and that lights you up. If you’re not there now, create a plan to get there.

Rochelle Appleby

Founder and Owner, Red Frog for Families

Pay attention to your energy levels and determine the experiences and people that fuel your energy.

Emma Brierly

Human Resources Director, Royal Lancaster London

Remember that you’re leading people with feelings and lives, it’s always important to remember who they are.