These Are The Tech Skills To Learn For A Higher Salary

For those looking to increase their skill archive, it’s important to find out how much it could benefit your career. With the cost of learning the skill on top of your time, can you be confident you’re making the right investment?

TotallyMoney has created a study which looks into a number of popular and in-demand skills to analyse which one increases your salary the most. The skills have been broken up into 5 categories – coding, language, creative, business and trade.

Study Shows Ruby Is The Best Skill To Learn For Increasing Your Salary 

The table below shows the best skills earning potential.

Ranking Skill Job Industry Lower bracket salary Average salary Higher bracket salary 
1 Ruby Coding £57,500 £72,500 £78,076
2 Java Coding £50,000 £62,500 £77,500
3 Python Coding £50,000 £62,500 £77,000
4 Cloud Computing Coding £41,250 £57,500 £72,500
5 Agile Business £45,000 £57,500 £72,500

Ruby has been revealed as the best skill to increase your salary with an average salary of £72,500. On average a course costs £219.21, ranking as the 8th most expensive skill to learn!

Whilst coding proves to be the best category to learn to increase your salary, it comes at a cost. From the top 10 most expensive skills to learn, coding appears 5 times with the average course costing £272.98.

This is an important factor to take into consideration when making the decision to learn a new skill.

Ranking 1st for the most expensive skill to learn, Agile sits at the 5th highest for potential earnings. Lean is also a skill that shows little return of investment compared to others, ranking as the 14th best skill for salary earnings. With Ruby providing the highest salary potential earnings, it sits at the 8th most expensive skill to learn. Therefore becoming a better investment for your career when compared to Agile and Lean.

The table below shows the skills with the highest costs to learn:

Ranking Job Industry Skill Cost to learn
1 Business Agile £461.64
2 Business Lean £394.73
3 Coding C++ £366.09
4 Business C# £366.09
5 Business Project Management £322.56

Which skill would you be most interested in learning? Will it improve your career? Take a look at the study here to find out.