FinTech Alliance and Diversio partner to promote diversity & inclusion within Fintech industry

FinTech Alliance and Diversio have announced their new partnership, which will promote diversity & inclusion across the FinTech Alliance community and wider industry.

Diversio offers a range of tools to help companies increase diversity in their workforce and foster an inclusive environment. This means an environment that empowers employees from top to bottom to add value and recognises their work, regardless of factors like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or disability.

The organisations will work together to promote this kind of environment. In particular, companies that are part of the FinTech Alliance community will be offered support to improve. FinTech Alliance companies will be able to join Diversio at a discounted rate, gaining access to ratings, certifications and the Diversio toolkit as well as surrounding information and updates.

Diversiouses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect and analyse employee data and generate an Inclusion Score. Analytics are then used to create a plan of action, with progress and impact tracked over time. Diversio’s tools will enable FinTech Alliance and its members to become more diverse, and therefore more successful.

Diversio Certification is also available for organisations that want to signal their commitment to diversity & inclusion. Organisations that meet these standards will be able to display the Diversio seal of approval on their microsite.

Phil Vidler, CEO of FinTech Alliance, said:

FinTech Alliance has a strong commitment to equality and diversity. The financial services sector has a huge responsibility to be more inclusive and create a welcoming environment where employees, and therefore businesses, can thrive. We hope that this is the start of a long and exciting relationship, and our partnership with Diversio will be an important step on our journey to build a thriving FinTech ecosystem that benefits from a range of experiences and ideas.

Laura McGee, CEO of Diversio, said:

We are thrilled to partner with the world’s first community-driven platform for global FinTech. This sector has an outsized impact on the global economy. It is crucial for FinTech companies to leverage the full spectrum of talent, and ensure the sector remains accessible at all. This partnership offers a tactical way to drive change.”

With diversity proven to positively impact the bottom line of an organisation, more and more companies are taking steps to increase inclusion in their workforce so they may benefit from a wide range of perspectives. The partnership aims to encourage and enable startups to recruit, build and retain diverse teams from the very beginning. Both Diversio and FinTech Alliance will work together to form a strong network of companies with the same commitment.