‘Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards’ to celebrate championing neurodiverse talent

Genius Within, an organisation that supports neurodiverse people in the workplace, announced that autism advocate Siena Castellon will co-present the Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards, during Neurodiversity Celebration Week, on 20th March 2020.  The awards programme, in its second year, recognises extraordinary achievement by people with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia as well as those organisations who champion neurodiverse talent.

Microsoft will be the major sponsor of this event and will host the awards ceremony at its premises in West London. Genius Within collaborator Microlink has pledged its official support as well as being the sponsor of the Assistive Technology Award, joining a wide range of companies that are supporting the awards and recognise the contribution of a diverse workplace.

Dr Nancy Doyle, CEO of Genius Within, spoke of the significance of the awards for the neurodiverse community. ‘Not only do our events celebrate the achievements of neurodiverse individuals and the strides being made in inclusion and research,’ she said, ‘they also help raise money for neurodiverse charities. Last year through our Celebrating Neurodiversity Events, we raised over £2,000 for Tourettes Action. This year’s nominated charity, PDA Society, will benefit.’

This year’s awards include:

  • Neurodiverse Achiever of The Year – Sponsored by Phoenix Software
    This award recognises someone whose persistence has allowed them to achieve what they thought was impossible, providing inspiration to others.
  • Assistive Technology Implementation of The Year – Sponsored by Microlink PC
    This award is for companies who have embedded technology to create a level playing field for neurodiverse people.
  • Stereotype Buster of The Year – Sponsored by Hobbs Consultancy
    This award is for the person who has busted the stereotype and proved that the only limitation is ambition.
  • Genius of the Year – Sponsored by Atos
    This award is for the coach, assessor or case manager whose work has facilitated consistent positive outcomes for neurodiverse talent. Many are neurodiverse themselves and have used their own experiences of adversity to carve a trail for others to follow.
  • Inclusion Project of The Year – Sponsored by mace
    The award is for outstanding projects that have helped to reduce discrimination and increase access to suc­cess for neurodiverse people.
  • Neurodiverse Research of The Year – Sponsored by Do-IT Profiler
    To recognise new research and reward those who are striving to improve understanding of neurodiversity.
  • Most Inclusive Education Provider of the Year – *New for 2020* sponsorship tbc
    To highlight best practice in education and show that inclusion can be easier and more rewarding that people think.

Dr Nancy Doyle, who has appeared on BBC’s Employable ME, and in the US on A&E’s The Employables, is recognised as an international champion of neurodiversity. She sees the awards as an important milestone for the neurodiverse community.

“With the workplace undergoing so many changes in the last decade, it is clear the next big breakthrough will come from expanding the workforce and increasing its diversity. D&I is not just about what’s fair but is increasingly being recognised as a competitive advantage. The Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards shine a spotlight on those trailblazing individuals and organisations who embrace neurodiversity.”

For more details or to attend the event visit: Celebrating Diversity Awards