Five Productivity Hacks To Help You Work Efficiently

Ever wondered why you don’t have enough time to complete your tasks? Many people find it daunting to manage work efficiently. Emails, client meetings, and fatigue all take their toll at the end of the day, and you’re left feeling like a zombie. 

Success doesn’t immediately happen, and you don’t need to do anything magical to increase your productivity. But people have different approaches to how they work efficiently. 

Thankfully, there are a few hacks you can do to increase productivity. Here are five productivity hacks for those never-ending workdays. 

1. Create A Good Work Environment

A pleasant work environment will help you keep on track, organized, and motivated to finish your tasks. 

See what environment gets you to be productive. You might find motivation in a quiet, empty space or by listening to music. You can surround yourself with motivational posters, inspirational photos, or a family photo to encourage you to keep working. 

Your work environment should help you accomplish your goals. 

2. Time Chunk Your Tasks

Do you prefer starting your day head-on with tasks lined up for the day? Or leisurely check your emails and social media accounts first before focusing on your tasks of the day. There is no wrong answer here. You can start your day with either way. But learning to time chunk your work will help you in being productive. 

Our brain works in two ways – slow and fast thinking. Slow thinking is logical and conscious such as writing, creating strategies, design, and presentation. Quick thinking is automatic and unconscious such as setting up schedules, messaging co-workers, and answering emails. 

Switching back and forth between these two systems will get you tired. Not to mention, you have to start your train of thought every time you switch back into one of these. For a productive work habit, you can time chunk your day to slow work for 90 minutes and change to fast work for an hour. 

3. Don’t Multitask

We human beings can’t multitask in the truest sense. What we think is multitasking is our brain switching from one task to another at a fast pace. Multitasking is more unproductive than you think. 

  • It Weakens Your Memory

Constant multitasking is damaging to your memory. When you’re juggling between two different tasks, you don’t pay attention to anyone of them. Not properly. And any information on those two tasks will not be recollected later correctly. 

  •  It Increases Stress

When trying to focus on more than one task, you’re putting pressure on your brain. By switching up tasks, your mind takes more time to complete them than usual. This causes stress, and at the end of the day, you’re not as productive as you want to be. 

When you work, focus on finishing one task, then move on to the next. 

4. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can be your worst enemy when it comes to productivity. Eliminating them will allow you to focus on your task at hand and complete them at a faster rate. 

Distractions can come in different ways. Social media sites, apps, and your phone are some of them. You may think to check on any updates for a minute or two is harmless, but doing so can eat up more of your time. 

Chatting with co-workers can be considered a distraction. Your attention is diverted from focusing on the task at hand. Which prolongs the time for you to complete your work. 

Depending on your workplace, you can set your phone on silent or shut your door for some time to avoid any interruptions. 

5. Take Breaks

Once you’re on a roll, you don’t want to stop. Even I power through my work without stopping. But taking a break can help your brain recharge. 

Check your email, grab a cup of coffee, or socialize with your co-workers. These may seem counterproductive, but allowing your brain to take a break will enable you to reorganize your thought. And you’ll quickly act on your next deliverable. 

The Key To Success

Productivity is the key to success. And without employees working hard, a company may collapse no matter how many products they sell or the annual revenue it earns. Improving productivity is not that difficult. By following these five productivity hacks, we have given above, you’ll be working efficiently in no time.