AON wins Artificial Intelligence Accolade at Workplace Excellence Awards

Aon has won the 2019 APS Workplace Excellence Awards in the category Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology. The awards recognise organisational psychologists and organisations for their efforts in supporting employee health and psychological well-being, while enhancing organisational performance.

Aon’s Assessment Solutions was presented with the award for their vidAssess-AI product in Australia. vidAssess-AI combines AI and video interviewing for unbiased and fair hiring.

Stefan Hinrichsen, Principal Consultant and Head of Sales, Aon’s Assessment Solutions Pacific, praised his team for its dedication to an innovative and ground-breaking product:

“Winning the award is so important because our approach to AI and video interviewing is a true innovation in the market. The important question is “What should AI do?” not “What can AI do? which opens up a new world of opportunities for employers.

“By focussing on speech to text only, and using a natural language processing Artificial Intelligence, we eliminate human bias and ensure a legally defendable, fair and transparent process.

“This is setting new standards in the assessment industry and ensures clients receive a valid and scientifically proven recruitment process, while reducing the time to hire.”

The finalists in the Aon category were:

  •  Aon’s Assessment Solutions: vidAssess-AI – AI-augmented video interviews
  • Raw Mind Coach: RAW Mind Coach for Fire and Rescue New South Wales
  • Suncorp Group: ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ – Using data, technology and psychology to save young drivers’ lives.

Aon’s Assessment Solutions won the Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology.

The award for emerging directions is designed to recognise emerging specialties in organisational psychology and new and innovative approaches to applying principles of psychology in the workplace.

Winning this demonstrated excellence in the criteria of:

  • Innovation in design and application 
  • Utilisation of psychological knowledge 
  • Impact on the organisation 
  • Sustainability 

In addition to the four core criteria, entrants needed to also show both demonstration of thought leadership, influence and impact with the intention of using psychology to create new, different and novel organisational interventions as well as demonstration of uptake, buy-in and acceptance of implementation amongst internal and/or external stakeholders.

About the Workplace Excellence Awards

The APS Workplace Excellence Awards are now in their 5th year and continue to attract a wide range of organisations, industries and professions. 

Previous award winners have included Telstra, Medibank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, EY, ANZ, the Mandala Foundation, Disability Services Australia, the Attorney-General’s Department of South Australia, Worksafe Victoria, University of Queensland, and South Australia Health.

The APS Workplace Excellence Awards are the only awards in Australia that recognise the application of principles of psychology in advancing organisational performance and outcomes.

Psychologists and other professionals apply psychology in the workplace every day to develop organisations and their people, not just in human resource management, but in other aspects of organisational life including: strategy, planning and governance, economics and finance, research and development, marketing, organisation, work and workplace design, and technology.