DriveElectric’s new website, by Anything, enables customers to order and arrange finance for an electrical vehicle in under 10 minutes.

Creative digital studio Anything this week revealed the new online experience they have created for DriveElectric, the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EVs) leasing company. The new website supports the business’ growth ambitions, as demand for electric vehicles rises rapidly and enables DriveElectric customers to select, customise and lease their perfect electric vehicle faster than ever before.

DriveElectric is the UK’s largest provider of EVs with a highly consultative team and excellent reputation, scoring 4.7/ 5 on Trustpilot and in 2008 funded the first Tesla roadster in the UK.  Working in partnership with the DriveElectric team, Anything has created an online experience that maintains demand and maximises opportunities in the electric vehicle sector. Aside from DriveElectric’s excellent technical and customer support of leased EVs the business also provides charging cables and equipment, bespoke vehicle add-ons, and even driver training to ensure customers make the best use of the vehicle battery, the new website had to support these services.

The new website showcases DriveElectric EV’s imagery perfectly, while creating a faster customer experience enabling customers to seamlessly navigate the huge choice of EV’s available. DriveElectric customers can search for leasing offers by budget, range, manufacturer or model. Once they have chosen a vehicle, customers can select their preferred lease terms, customise their chosen EV from colour to trim, arrange finance and order in less than 10 minutes.  The Anything team created a refined customer journey and content hierarchy that will positively impact DriveElectric’s website users whilst ensuring they receive the expert help and advice from the industry leader.

Anything Co- Founder, Jono Brain said “DriveElectric are real pioneers in the leasing market for EV’s, being the first to offer UK drivers the option to reduce their emissions and transition to net zero by championing EV’s. However competition in the past decade has become fierce as many car manufacturers and companies have since entered the EV market. We wanted to create an online user experience for DriveElectric that will support the rise in demand for EVs, set them apart from the competition and improve their SEO. It is a pleasure to work with their team and we look forward to continuing to work with DriveElectric to help UK customers find the EV that is right for them.”

DriveElectric CEO Mike Potter said: “We are delighted with the new DriveElectric website, it is faster, structured and looks amazing.  We founded to offer people the opportunity to travel cleaner and live in a less polluted environment by leasing as many cars as we can. We are benefiting not only the new car owner but the planet and everyone on it. Huge thanks to Jono and the team at Anything for their in-depth understanding of our business and their expertise and technical ability to represent it online while futureproofing us for the next stage of our expansion.”