Doves Farm Foods Selects Mapp to Deliver Personalisation

The UK specialist miller and baker selects Mapp Cloud to provide its marketing automation platform

Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, has announced it has been appointed by Doves Farm Foods, the specialist flour miller and baker, to provide the company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). This platform will drive its digital communication strategy forward while delivering personalised and targeted customer communications.

Doves Farm Foods produces a range of organic flours, ancient grain flour, baking ingredients and biscuits. The company’s products are made for people who care about the about the quality and healthfulness of the food they eat and the world in which we live. Since sowing its first seeds in 1977, Doves Farm continues to be driven by its original mission to make quality organic flour with care, and the result is a range of unique, distinctive and trusted flours.

Doves Farm Foods has seen strong growth over the last year due to the pandemic, with customers heavily relying on them for basic supplies. Its gluten free range has also become increasingly popular in recent years.

After outgrowing their previous solution, Doves Farm Foods decided it was time to take a step up and find a marketing automation platform to fully support them with their business goals going forward. Predominately, they were looking for a solution, which would allow for a better integration across their digital marketing efforts for both Doves Farm and FREEE in order to grow their online sales.

Doves Farm Foods has also made the decision to split the business to better focus on key areas including the original Doves Farm brand, Freee (gluten free), and Trade. These key areas will each have a standalone website to enable them to highlight each brand’s key features. Mapp will be key in helping to strengthen its current and future customer relationships by personalising every touchpoint and sending relevant, engaging, content to drive acquisition and retention.

With Mapp’s assistance, they will be redesigning their customer engagement programme. This will involve a refresh of all communications with new designs, better segmentation of their customer lists and optimising send outs and other digital marketing activities. They will also be initiating automated journeys, which will allow the team to focus more on the strategic direction of the business.

Thomas Barkholt, Head of Marketing at Doves Farm commented: “We chose Mapp as our marketing automation platform because we needed a strong partner to help us get to that next level. This partnership will enable us to focus on each of the different brands under the Doves Farm Foods portfolio, better integrate and utilise different sources of data about our customers, make our communication more relevant and ultimately, help us grow the business. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for Doves Farm Foods and Mapp together.”

Victoria Stephens, Customer Success Manager, at Mapp said: “As a business, we love working with growing brands and it has been hugely exciting to leverage Mapp Cloud technology for Doves Farm, a company which has experienced rapid growth recently. We are continuing to innovate and implement programs that are tailored to Doves Farm customers based on intelligent insights and have many exciting plans upcoming. Watch this space!”

About Mapp

Marketers and data specialists should always be able to focus on their core business instead of spending their time taming the technology behind it. With the insight-led customer experience platform Mapp Cloud, marketing decision-makers have more time for the essentials and can place their brand messages in the best possible way. Through customer intelligence and marketing analytics, companies easily and effectively gain cross-channel customer insights from data, which in turn enable highly personalised marketing activities. Mapp’s customers benefit from customized and self-optimizing cross-channel campaigns based on AI-powered predictive models. Automated messages can thus be sent in the ideal marketing channel, at the optimal time and with the right contact frequency. Thanks to powerful one-to-one personalisation, maximum engagement as well as long-term customer retention are achieved.

Mapp operates offices in seven countries. Mapp’s digital marketing platform helps over 3,000 businesses stand out from the crowd. Mapp’s clients include Vivienne Westwood, Argos, Ella’s Kitchen, Expert, Freesat, Lloyds Banking Group, MyToys, Pepsico, Quint and The Entertainer.