Online employee wellbeing centre launches with week of staff activities

The interactive ‘Wellbeing Centre’ was launched by later living operator, Inspired Villages Group (IVG), on Monday 8th October with a week of health and wellbeing activities as part of an initiative to boost staff’s physical and mental wellbeing. All of IVG’s employees – whether based at head office in London or in one of its seven retirement villages across the UK – were invited to participate in the week-long event.

In partnership with Legal & General, IVG owns and operates seven later living villages in the UK with ambitions to grow to 50 by 2023.  Each village features one, two and three-bedroom properties, tailor-made for later life and include a range of facilities including a wellness spas, restaurant and games rooms.

The company’s vision is to not only make a big impact on the health and wellness of its residents, but its employees as well. As such, staff the length and breadth of the country last week were invited to take part in a range of activities to improve their physical and mental health.

Free fitness videos, nutritional tips and financial planning advice for staff

Throughout last week, videos were broadcast daily on Inspired World,* providing expert insight on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Staff also had access to fitness videos ranging from yoga and Pilates to cardio, strength and HIIT, as well as nutritional tips and recipes, advice on managing money, and mindfulness videos including tools to aid sleep.

Jamie Bunce, CEO of IVG, says:

“It was wonderful to see my colleagues across the country taking part in this fun event to help promote health and wellbeing.  The feedback I’ve had so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Research has shown that workers could gain almost a day a week in terms of productivity through a focus on wellbeing.**  Initiatives such as our cycle to work scheme and flexible working are in place to ensure our employees have a healthy and balanced working life.”  

Jamie says:

“Our staff are already familiar with our Inspired World online platform, so it’s the perfect way to ensure they all have access to the Wellbeing Centre.

“Inspired World is available on their home PCs, laptops and other personal tablets. It’s where we share our employee benefits, stories, videos and wellbeing initiatives. Because the Wellbeing Centre event is happening online, we can engage with all of our colleagues across the company, rather than only those close to a single location.”

From Monday 8th October, IVG’s staff were able to logon and access the Wellbeing Centre, which opened with a video introduction by Jamie.

Jamie says:

“The Wellbeing Centre will continue to evolve over time and, although it is currently only available to our staff, we’re in the process of developing initiatives to benefit our residents as well. These include a befriending scheme for residents aimed at reducing loneliness, as well as paid volunteering days for staff.”