Sees Viewership Rise by 170% Amongst Shifting Trends in the Streaming Wars

Shifting viewer trends see content publishers reimagine how they reach audiences. “This is a breakout moment for small & medium publishers who can reach new audiences across the Smart TV ecosystem,” said Gal Turjeman, CEO of, an omnichannel content distribution and monetization platform that allows video content owners to create their own branded OTT applications & FAST channels across multiple smart TV and streaming platforms, has seen a year over year rise of 170% in viewership with an increase of 230% in average time spent on customer OTT applications. All this as streaming leaders struggle to maintain subscribers.

As larger companies such as Netflix, Disney+, and others compete to increase subscribers, smaller content publishers are reaching audiences through built-in connected TV (CTV) applications.’s unified platform allows for a single user experience across all television manufacturers from a single dashboard. Being able to embed company branding and select a free advertising-supported TV (FAST) is bringing the industry to a tipping point where consumers can access unique content through built-in apps, instead of relying solely on streaming services.’s data shows that as streaming subscription costs rise, viewers are more likely to explore free content that comes on their connected televisions. “This shift towards exploring new channels via Smart TV applications is occurring across various platforms as viewership trends move away from the crowded streaming landscape,” said Gal Turjeman, CEO of “This is a breakout moment for smaller publishers who can reach new audiences across the Smart TV ecosystem with a single backend platform.”

One example of how publishers are relying on CTV to reimagine distribution, is with the increasingly popular automotive channel, High Octane. “High Octane caters to a global audience of automotive enthusiasts and we believe that the passion for cars is universal. The AVOD model supports our mission by making the platform accessible to everyone, everywhere with no paywall or barriers to entry,” said Jeff Macaluso, Principal, High Octane Media Partners, LLC. “We chose to partner with because they provide the turnkey, free-to-watch solution we were seeking while also offering a wide breadth of distribution methods, including smart tv, web, mobile apps, and linear (FASTs).”

As large companies pour greater funding into producing new shows to draw subscribers, smaller publishing studios are realizing new opportunities for greater control over viewer experiences and the content they see. predicts that new trends will bring a more level playing field where companies can provide quality content to the viewers that matter most to them.