RedWigWam Revolutionises Employment with pioneering ‘Right to Work’ software

Short term recruitment specialist, RedWigWam, is set to revolutionise ‘right to work’ checks and the digital identification process by partnering with facial recognition software developers, Facebanx.

The first in the industry to utilise Facial Recognition technology, RedWigWam is leading the way with innovative software to change the way employers verify workers, a compulsory procedure for every employee in the UK.

The law requires that before employers hire someone, they must check that the job applicant is allowed to work in the UK. This involves checking the applicant’s documents (passport / ID document) are genuine, original, unchanged, in date and belong to the applicant. Photos and date of birth must appear the same across all documents and employers must ensure that the applicant has permission to do the type of work they are offering.

In most simple terms, the technology means that an applicant’s ‘right to work’ can be proved via live streaming their face and showing documents to the camera, eliminating the need for a face to face meeting.

Lorna Davidson, CEO, comments:

“Making sure your staff are fully verified to work is absolutely essential, whatever industry you work in. The software we have developed with Facebanx is making this easier than ever before. It’s simple to use and means there are no excuses for employing people illegally.”

Facebanx’s unique solution for ‘right to work’ recreates the same experience of a face-to-face registration event, but completes it online using the latest security technology. By combining live streaming with facial biometrics and document image capture, it is now possible to securely identify individuals online, meeting banking level security standards.


  1. To become a verified RedWigWam worker, the first step is to upload a passport / ID document (which proves right to work) to the worker profile –
  2. Once this is done, a red button will appear on the profile page saying: ‘Start facial recognition check’. The facial recognition system matches the face to the ‘right to work document’ provided.
  3. The final step, once facial recognition has been passed, is for the profile to be confirmed by someone who knows the applicant. They will do this by simply taking a photo of the applicant with their right to work document and uploading it to the app.

RedWigWam’s database of 67,000 employees are currently using this software, with all applicants being registered within seconds and with a complete audit trail. This means that in the future, businesses can be confident that they will meet all future British standards for digital identification.

The software provides peace of mind to both workers and hirers and means that RedWigWam has complete control over its ‘right to work’ checks and isn’t reliant on a 3rd party supplier.

Lorna continues:

“This technology means it is easier than ever before for our workers to sign up and find flexible jobs. They are in complete control of the whole process. And for our hirers, they have complete peace of mind that any staff they book with RedWigWam have been verified for their right to work in the UK in compliance with UK law.”

In the future, RedWigWam hopes that it will be able to license out the software and adapt it, so it can be utilised all over the world.